Jun 27, 2017

Anaemia – Powerful Natural Remedies Revealed!

Anaemia, a condition which has sometimes been described as “blood poverty”, is more common, in its various forms, than most would suspect. During an anaemic period, the red corpuscles within the system are not being produced quickly enough to replace the normal loss. Since the blood stream is an oxygen-conveyor-belt, carrying the life-giving gas to every part of the body, an insufficient supply of haemoglobin (also symptomatic of anaemia) makes it impossible for the body to receive sufficient oxygen. It is for this reason that anaemia has often been referred to as slow suffocation.

The absence of sufficient oxygen within the system produces definite outward signs. The anaemic patient generally suffers from frequent and severe spells of dizziness, fatigue, listlessness and an inability to concentrate. The anaemic patient is frequently forgetful, pale complexioned and easily winded by even moderate physical activity. A combination of these symptoms would more accurately indicate anaemia: than the famed eye-tissue test (in which the skin immediately beneath the eye is lowered and an examination of the inner tissue, that which lines the eye socket, is performed. In this test, colour is used as a determining factor, a red tone supposedly indicating health and a pale tone indicating anaemia).

In addition to the natural regimen (air, sun, water and earth contact) my course for anaemia specified a diet rich in iron. Particularly vital to this diet and consumed at least once each day were soya beans, liver and unsulphured molasses. Raisins, dried beans, oysters and fresh heart (beef) were included in the daily menu as frequently as possible. These, of course, were consumed in addition to a rational diet of fresh fruits and vegetables and whole-grain cereal products. Proper diet and natural living have been sufficient treatment to overcome every case of anaemia. Proof again that it is not nature that makes healing complex, but man himself.

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