Jun 29, 2017

Bladder Infection – Powerful Natural Remedies Revealed!

L. R. was complaining of the following symptoms: decreased urination, both in the number of urinations each day and the quantity of urine; extreme pain during urination; leg swellings, enlarged pores, particularly of the facial tissue, and a pallid complexion. The condition was diagnosed as an infection of the bladder and a resultant presence of liquid waste matter throughout the system. An eliminatory diet was provided, along with daily full packs to increase elimination through the pores. Clay packs were applied to the lower abdomen for a period of two hours each day, one half hour of which was spent in sun-bathing and the remainder in outdoor (shaded) air-baths.

Leg packs, to increase elimination, were applied at night and barefoot walks were prescribed daily. All means of increasing elimination, including the use of small enemas, were introduced. The first signs of recovery came three days after the course had begun. L. R. noticed, on removing the leg packs upon the third morning, a marked decrease in the swellings. By the fifth day, the swellings were no longer noticeable, though the leg packs were continued until the tenth day. The return to normal urinary elimination was a day-to-day process which became noticeable in the second week with increased elimination and lessening of pain during urination. At the end of two weeks, the patient was discharged. Nature had claimed another victory.

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