Jun 30, 2017

Boils – Powerful Natural Remedies Revealed!

The most effective treatment for boils is the clay pack. I have seen these swellings, often the size of a walnut, reduced with amazing speed through the natural therapy of rich earth. The procedure used was a simple one. A mass of clay about three times the size of the boil was wrapped in white linen or cotton cloth and applied to the swelling. In one instance, no more than forty-eight hours passed before the boil began to exude a mixture of blood and pus. At this point the cloth was removed and the clay applied directly to the open wound. As the affected area became reduced and cleared of infectious matter, the clay was alternated with cold compresses. Where the boil was not particularly large or painful, cold compresses alone were sufficient to ripen the swelling and clear the toxins.

It is common practice to apply hot compresses to boils. I have known of several such cases and judge, from their outcome, that this is an unwise procedure. The use of heat tends to ripen the swelling unnaturally and, while it quickly opens the infected area, it is not possible to cleanse the area of all the accumulated pus. As a result, in three such cases, boils reappeared shortly either in another area of the body or immediately adjoining the first infection. The eliminatory diet and mild enemas were prescribed for all infections, towards the end of eliminating the store of waste matter that contributes to infection. When this is combined with the gentle action of earth compresses, the boil is stimulated but not forced into unnatural maturity that leaves virulent matter behind to reform in another area of the body.

In all cases of infection, the standard treatment involved cleansing internally through the use of the enema, externally with natural, air- and sun-bathing and a completely non-stimulating diet. Fasting accompanied by the Fountain of Youth Cocktail proved effective in severe infection.

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