Jul 1, 2017

Cataract – Powerful Natural Remedies Revealed!

The natural treatment of all body disorders lies in the return to nature through daily living habits and specific attention to the area of injury or infection. The degree of success in natural therapy is dependent on your loyalty to your new life, strict observance of the specific treatment involved, and the degree of degeneration imposed upon your body through unnatural living habits. If you permit decay to go unimpeded the course of therapy will be a long and difficult one. This is particularly true in disorders involving corrosion, such as ulcers and tuberculosis, and those ending in unnatural growth of tissue, as in cancer and cataract.

In the late stages of cataract, when vision has become severely impaired by the thin coat of tissue that forms across the eye, only the surgeon can bring relief. But surgery itself is not a cure. Once the cataract has been removed by surgery, there is no guarantee that it will not return. Here natural therapy has been successfully employed time and again in retaining eye health. And, in the case of incipient (early) cataract – nature’s agents have halted the growth and finally removed it entirely.

Many programmes for counteracting the growth of cataracts have been tried and tested by drugless physicians. That which we found most successful involved syringing the eye itself and affusions of the forehead immediately above the affected eye. A small syringe containing warm (82°) water was used to treat the eye itself, while a strong jet of cold (6o°) water trained upon the forehead for a period of three to five minutes, was repeated every three hours throughout the day. Cool (68°) foot baths were prescribed and the exclusion of all stimulants, particularly tobacco, liquor and coffee, plus a generally non-stimulating diet was enforced. The results of such treatment proved satisfactory beyond all treatments heretofore employed.

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