Jun 20, 2017

Eat, Drink And Be Merry! – Reclaim The Forgotten Language

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The attitude of “eat, drink and be merry” has been condemned down the centuries as materialistic and unspiritual. But I have a different view: it says that to live life with totality needs fire, intensity. We need to learn that how to transform the ordinary act of eating and drinking into a meditative and healthy experience if done merrily.


Be In The Moment

  • At the same time as you eat the food, do nothing except eating; and let the thoughts of past or the future disappear and be present in the act of eating. Let your whole liveliness be poured on your food. Let there be love and affection and gratitude towards food.
  • Chew each bite with tremendous energy, and you have not only the taste of the food but the taste of existence – because the food is part of existence. Reclaim your forgotten language.
  • Whenever you have time, be more in your senses. Eating – don’t just eat, try to learn the forgotten language of taste again.
  • Touch the bread, feel the texture of it. Feel with open eyes, feel with closed eyes. While chewing, chew it – you are chewing God. Remember it! It will be disrespectful not to chew well, not to taste well.
  • Let it be a prayer, and you will start the rising of a new consciousness in you.
  • Become thirst, while you are drinking; do nothing except drinking. Let there be intensity to each sip, so each drop of cool or warm water gives you tremendous joy. In that very experience of those sips entering your throat and giving you great contentment, you will taste reality.


Be A Watcher

  • When eating, all of a sudden become a watcher, an observer for a moment.
  • Observe your hand approaching up the food;
  • Eyeball your mouth chewing the food; observe the food reaching your stomach.
  • Standing at a distance and simply be a watcher. All of a sudden, you will find that the taste has dropped out of sight. And in an instant, the act of eating will become a unique and some special experience. You become a watcher instead of an eater. And thereby you become aware of how to eat and what to eat.

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