Jul 5, 2017

Fatigue – Powerful Natural Remedies Revealed!

Nowhere is the truth that mind and body are one more clearly exhibited than in the case of chronic fatigue. Temporary fatigue is easily traced to a lost night’s sleep, an unusual amount of physical labour, etc. Chronic fatigue, however, is not merely a matter of bodily wear and exertion. How many people do you know who constantly complain of fatigue though their regular day’s labour is not at all excessive? How many times have you found yourself suffering from exhaustion at a time when you were even less physically active than usual? Mind and body demand activity, and attention to one without exercise of the other may lead to exhaustion of both. I have known few people who maintain a well-balanced daily programme of mental and physical activity who suffered chronic fatigue.

As in all other cases, fatigue was treated at sanatorium first with a programme for natural living. Air, sun, water and earth can never be omitted from a natural programme for health. Fatigue occurs more frequently among people who oversleep. Late risers are common victims of chronic tiredness. Indoor workers and livers complain of a constant lack of energy. And starchy diets tend to support this condition. The sanatorium course for fatigue eliminated all of these, stressing early bed habits, both retiring and rising. The lights at sanatorium rarely burned past ten at night and few slept beyond six. Balanced diets with particular emphasis on nerve and energy foods were prescribed for this condition, with increased consumption of Vitamin B complex, iron, and particularly in hot weather, mineral salts.

Boredom was avoided like the plague. Patients were urged and assisted in busying themselves most of the day with physical and mental activity that kept them in full tone. But such activities were always productive, not senseless motion for the sake of motion. How much better it is to gain your exercise from planting, weeding and harvesting a vegetable garden than from repetitious knee-bending and toe-touching exercises. Motion-towards-creation is an underlying law of nature.

The natural programme to alleviate chronic fatigue also involves daily cold (6o°) baths and chest and back affusions. The affusions proved particularly successful and were used to alleviate the aches and pains of unused muscles even while increased activity was provided for those muscles. Compresses brought quick relief when applied nightly to the sore and weary portions of the body. Fountain of Youth Cocktail was prescribed daily.

Most important of all natural methods in alleviating fatigue is the use of air- and earth-contact. Barefoot walks in shorts or sun suits when weather permits and outdoor activity all the year round proved the surest course of satisfying the body needs that induce fatigue.

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