Jul 7, 2017

Gall Bladder Infections – Powerful Natural Remedies Revealed!

The programme for alleviating the pain of gallstones and gall-bladder infections involves a complete cleansing of the system. A three-day fast involving the intake of no solid foods and a quart of Fountain of Youth Cocktail daily was the standard beginning treatment. For gall-bladder conditions the Fountain of Youth Cocktail was reinforced with the liquid derived from an additional four tablespoons of wheat germ and a cup of chopped kale or carrot tops. These increased intake of Vitamins K and E, generally found deficient in gall-bladder conditions.

The first day of treatment, the patient was internally cleansed with a full enema and a two-hour steam bath. For two days following, a small enema was continued mice a day. Abdominal compresses were prescribed during the night. Sun-baths were an important part of the treatment, as were abdominal exercises; full knee bending, trunk turning and the like, to stimulate and tone up the abdominal area. The steam bath was continued on the second and third day, this time for periods of one hour a day.

On the fourth day, lean meats, eggs or fish, twice daily, were added to the diet, and steam baths were discontinued. In their place, warm (8o°) natural baths were prescribed nightly and cold rubs each morning. The friction rub was observed twice daily, following the morning cold rub and the evening natural bath.

On the tenth day, the non-stimulating diet was prescribed. Abdominal compresses were continued as well as morning cold rubs and evening natural baths, and daily sun-baths. Abdominal exercise and massage were a daily requirement throughout the programme.

I have seen the above programme dramatically prove its true value in more than a dozen cases of serious bladder infection. Nature has provided a wonderful course of therapy for all bladder infections, if only men will be wise enough to recognize and use this great gift.

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