May 1, 2017

Is Your Job Giving You A Pain In The Neck?

…And in the shoulder… and the jaw… and the arms… and the back?

Muscle in with some help!

Griping about inhuman bosses, unforgiving project deadlines, or promotions deserved but denied, may help you get through a high-stress job. But it does nothing for the aches you get all over – in your jaw, neck and shoulders (which often lead to headaches) and in your lower back and legs.

Physicians today are seeing the same gallery of minor aches and pains all the time among their white-collar clientele. Often the underlying problem is a lack of exercise or bottled-up aggression. Executives who don’t get enough physical activity can’t diffuse the energy that builds up from day-to-day frustrations. The repressed urge to punch or kick somebody results directly in muscular stresses, particularly among lower-level executives who have a lot of responsibility but no control over their jobs. They become walking – rather, sitting – textbooks on what doctors in America (where else but America) are today calling execu-pains.

To get an idea of where neck pain actually comes from, clench your fist and visualize what’s going on inside. Muscles are hard, contracted, pressing against the skin. These muscles also push against nerves, and over time those nerves can become irritated. Different people express their tension in different parts of the body. Some get ulcers, some develop high blood pressure, some will get a heart attack in 20 years – and some get neck pains and tension headaches. In certain people there seems to be a kind of constitutional pre-disposition – a weakness – to muscular pain. Continue reading »

Apr 23, 2017

What Do You Know? – Unravelling The Mysteries Of The Human Body!

Do you know… Why heartbeats make a noise… Which is the most difficult food to digest… Why pinpricks on the fingertips are more painful than on the buttocks… The secrets and mysteries of the human body never cease to fascinate. Here below, we unravel a few…

Can a small child recognize its mother by smell?

Since human babies are born in hospitals and clinics, it has been possible to make some very interesting observations on their reactions. For many years it was thought that these crying, wriggling, red-faced parcels needed only milk, warmth and cleanliness and, as a very minor consideration, an infrequent tickle under the chin from the mother. This was measured by the strict discipline of these institutions. Now, experiments based on commonsense are under way, in order to overturn the rigidity of the established rules.

It is now known that a new-born child recognizes his mother’s milk. If he is offered several teats impregnated with milk from various mothers, he will grope with his little mouth towards the one which has his mother’s smell and taste.

A baby also reacts to his mother’s voice. Whilst he is growing inside the womb, he hears her voice. But it sounds deeper in his warm, cosy world. After birth, he recognizes these sounds among all the others which now reach his tiny ear. For him they represent well-known, friendly signals in a strange world. Continue reading »

Apr 17, 2017

20 Tension-Busting Tips!

How to effectively blow off stress – starting right now!

People just aren’t living relaxed lives anymore. “Highly stressful” is the most common way they’re describing their lifestyles today. At work, an increasing number of them are becoming so burned out, they may need medical treatment or extra time off. Estimates are that three out of four people visiting doctors suffer from stress-related problems.

What can you do to get more in control of your life now? Surprisingly, it takes much less than you’d imagine – just a whole lot of little things that you can put to work for you rightaway. Here are 20 practical quick-fix tips to get you on your way to de-fusion! Continue reading »

Apr 10, 2017

The Perils Of Trying (Too Hard) To Get Fit!

Maybe you should stop envying the apparently super-fit. Every week thousands of men and women injure themselves trying to get obsessively fit.

So, what’s the truth about exercise? Is it good for you? How dangerous is it?


If your heart is in perfect condition, then exercise is unlikely to do it any harm. But if you’ve spent years eating fatty foods, smoking, drinking and lounging around then the chances are high that your heart is already showing signs of damage. And heavy exercise could kill you. Men between ages 35 and 55 who get carried away in the gym are the ones most likely to be carried away on a stretcher. The number of young – and apparently fit – sportsmen who collapse and have heart attacks is horrifying high. And only HALF the runners who die of heart attacks have any other known risk factors – family history of heart disease, high blood pressure etc. The older you are – and the more UNFIT – the greater your chances of causing serious and possibly permanent damage to your heart by over-exercising. Continue reading »

Apr 3, 2017

Eat your way to super weight loss!

It’s not true that you’ve got to live on lime water for breakfast and sprouts for lunch if you want to lose weight.

It’s not true that you can never eat chocolates or ice-creams or wafers if you want to lose weight.

It’s not true that you must drastically cut down on starches if you want to lose weight.

It is true that dropping a few kgs is a cinch once you’ve discarded a few myths about food.

It is true that you can eat up, fill up… and not fill out.

Here’s the secret to how to do it:

It’s a basic principle of weight loss: To drop pounds, you eat less. The only question is what to eat less of. It’s logical to assume you need to eat less of everything – an approach that’s long held sway with dieters and nutritionists alike. But most diets that restrict total calories are doomed to failure: Eventually you have to give in to your body’s rightful craving for nutrients. Instead, new research shows that to lose weight, we need to mostly cut one kind of calorie: fat. Continue reading »

Mar 27, 2017

Anti-Aging Exercise Strategies!

What’s the best way to strengthen your heart, shape your muscles and build your bones – in other words to stack up your defenses against aging?

One of the most proven ways to slow the sands of Time is to spend more of it exercising.

You’ve decided to fight aging all your way. And by now you’ve probably heard that exercise can be one of your best allies in accomplishing this. But which workouts will serve your purpose best? And how do you go about keeping your body younger longer if you’ve already got an iffy back or a tricky knee?

Here’s a simplified rundown on the best workouts to keep your heart, bones muscles and, yes, your brain, fighting it: Continue reading »

Mar 20, 2017

Walking – A Way To Literally Walk Your Way To More Good Health!

A good bet for the out-of-shape and overweight, walking is a preventive health measure of the highest order. But for some, walking offers even more: It’s a path to recovery, a prescription for healing. A way to literally walk away from major illness – like heart disease and diabetes.

Interested? Here are the problems you can leave in dust:

What miracle treatment can help alleviate heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, obesity and depression? It’s as simple as putting one foot in front of the other. An increasing number of physicians – and their patients – are today re-discovering the wisdom of an old adage: Walking is good medicine.

The prescription comes backed by a solid and growing mound of scientific evidence. Researchers have found that brisk walking can lower blood pressure, help people lose weight without dieting, improve blood-fat levels, reduce the need for insulin in people with adult-onset diabetes, relieve back pain, even improve mood and thinking skills.

Here are some of the disease-fighting benefits you can expect if you “keep up the good walk” Continue reading »

Mar 13, 2017

A Potent Plan for Personal Peace!

A catalogue of techniques, technologies and tips for personal peace.

STRESS is unavoidable. Always has been and always will be. But unavoidable doesn’t mean unmanageable. The latest stress research shows that how you react to a stressful event is what determines its impact on your health. If you let stress bother you, it will bother you, and in ways that can be physical as well as mental.

But handle stress intelligently and you will turn the enemy into an ally. Stress can motivate, invigorate, instigate and educate. It can be a kick in the pants rather than a slap in the face. This is why I’ve compiled the following catalogue – a guide to stress-fighting techniques that you can use right now.

Some of these anti-stress strategies get at the causes of stress (which, of course, is preferred way of beating stress). Other gives temporary relief by treating its symptoms. Both approaches have their place, and combining them into one double-barreled stratagem may be what it takes to slay the beast. Not all these techniques are appropriate for everyone. And not all are backed by rock-solid scientific data – a lot of them are just good bets based on common sense. So you’ll have to shop, select what you think might work for you and see what de-stress best. Continue reading »

Mar 6, 2017

Lose 6’’ In 60 Days!

Here’s a lifestyle plan you can start on today. Expect amazing results in two months!

Yes, it is possible. The weight-loss experts we consulted agree: With the right plan and a lot of slimming ideas, some of you can lose as many as six inches in two months – without putting yourself through diet-and-fitness boot camp.

That’s, of course, a combined total of inches from a variety of areas, including your waist, hips, thighs and other problem spots. And the slimming won’t all be due to weight loss. Some of it will come from toning up flabby muscles.

So we present here a simple, two-part weight-loss/shape-up plan. We dedicate it to the new you who’ll be sporting a trimmer profile 60 days from now.

Remember, though, it’s a good idea to check with your physician before beginning a weight-loss regimen, especially if you have a medical condition or are taking medication. Continue reading »

Feb 27, 2017

Stop Taking Vitamins

Stop taking that innocent looking vitamin pill until you read this report.

If you think the vitamins you are now taking are doing you any good, wait until you hear the latest news on why they may not.

This may come as a shock. But according to the latest research, those vitamins that you take every day may be doing you absolutely no good. For example.

FACT: Vitamins should be taken after a meal – never before. The body must first have protein, fats, or carbohydrates in the digestive tract to properly break down the vitamins for proper absorption.

FACT: Your body has a need for a natural vitamin balance. Too much of one vitamin may cause another vitamin to be less effective. For example, vitamin A should be taken with vitamin E but excessive iron should not.

FACT: If you take too much calcium, you may deplete the magnesium in your system. And you need magnesium to convert food into energy. Continue reading »


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