Jul 5, 2017

Fatigue – Powerful Natural Remedies Revealed!

Nowhere is the truth that mind and body are one more clearly exhibited than in the case of chronic fatigue. Temporary fatigue is easily traced to a lost night’s sleep, an unusual amount of physical labour, etc. Chronic fatigue, however, is not merely a matter of bodily wear and exertion. How many people do you know who constantly complain of fatigue though their regular day’s labour is not at all excessive? How many times have you found yourself suffering from exhaustion at a time when you were even less physically active than usual? Mind and body demand activity, and attention to one without exercise of the other may lead to exhaustion of both. I have known few people who maintain a well-balanced daily programme of mental and physical activity who suffered chronic fatigue.

As in all other cases, fatigue was treated at sanatorium first with a programme for natural living. Air, sun, water and earth can never be omitted from a natural programme for health. Fatigue occurs more frequently among people who oversleep. Late risers are common victims of chronic tiredness. Indoor workers and livers complain of a constant lack of energy. And starchy diets tend to support this condition. The sanatorium course for fatigue eliminated all of these, stressing early bed habits, both retiring and rising. The lights at sanatorium rarely burned past ten at night and few slept beyond six. Balanced diets with particular emphasis on nerve and energy foods were prescribed for this condition, with increased consumption of Vitamin B complex, iron, and particularly in hot weather, mineral salts.

Boredom was avoided like the plague. Patients were urged and assisted in busying themselves most of the day with physical and mental activity that kept them in full tone. But such activities were always productive, not senseless motion for the sake of motion. How much better it is to gain your exercise from planting, weeding and harvesting a vegetable garden than from repetitious knee-bending and toe-touching exercises. Motion-towards-creation is an underlying law of nature. Continue reading »

Jul 4, 2017

Dizziness – Powerful Natural Remedies Revealed!

Here again is a symptom of decay which is often mistaken for the condition itself. Dizziness may be an outward sign of such varied conditions as anaemia (blood poverty), liver disorders, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, colds, menstruation, rheumatics and more. The point to be made here is that there is no cure for dizziness, for a symptom cannot be cured. The heaving, whirling, nauseating sensation of dizziness can be alleviated. But a permanent cure can only be had when the underlying cause has been discovered and attended to.

M. R. suffered from repeated spells of dizziness. The first attack had come two years before he had come to me. He had been sitting in a deep, upholstered chair late one afternoon when his wife called from another room. He rose quickly from the chair and was suddenly seized with a dull throbbing sensation at the temples that gave way to a spinning, enveloping blackness. He attempted to take a single step forward and sank to the floor.

Following that initial attack, M. R. was repeatedly the victim of dizziness, nausea, physical unbalance and collapse. A full examination was made of the patient, and he was found to be suffering from exceedingly high blood pressure. A long-range course was outlined to deal with this and, I might add, proved successful. But the immediate symptoms, nausea, dizziness, etc., were dealt with at once. Continue reading »

Jul 3, 2017

Diabetes – Powerful Natural Remedies Revealed!

L. R. J. came one summer morning complaining of a violent increase in appetite, an unquenchable thirst and increased fatigue. It was also noted that the patient was constipated, showed an unusual hardness of skin tissues and complained of a constant dryness of the throat and mouth and persistent indigestion. An analysis of L. R. J.’s urine was immediately ordered. As had been expected, the analysis proved the presence of a high degree of sugar. Diabetes !

L. R. J. was immediately ordered into a steam bath. These baths were repeated three times a week. At the end of each bath, the patient was dried with a thick, coarse towel, rubbed briskly across the body until the friction of towel upon skin produced pleasant warmth. Lukewarm (73°) abdominal compresses were applied each night and the friction rub was repeated upon arising.

A non-stimulating, unseasoned (salt and sugarless) diet was ordered and sternly administered. Mild enemas were provided once each day. Special stress was placed upon air contact, with outdoor exercise (mild) and daily walks prescribed. After six weeks of treatment the persistent thirst and hunger removed and with a rediscovery of his natural energy. Diabetes had been conquered by Nature. Continue reading »

Jul 1, 2017

Cataract – Powerful Natural Remedies Revealed!

The natural treatment of all body disorders lies in the return to nature through daily living habits and specific attention to the area of injury or infection. The degree of success in natural therapy is dependent on your loyalty to your new life, strict observance of the specific treatment involved, and the degree of degeneration imposed upon your body through unnatural living habits. If you permit decay to go unimpeded the course of therapy will be a long and difficult one. This is particularly true in disorders involving corrosion, such as ulcers and tuberculosis, and those ending in unnatural growth of tissue, as in cancer and cataract.

In the late stages of cataract, when vision has become severely impaired by the thin coat of tissue that forms across the eye, only the surgeon can bring relief. But surgery itself is not a cure. Once the cataract has been removed by surgery, there is no guarantee that it will not return. Here natural therapy has been successfully employed time and again in retaining eye health. And, in the case of incipient (early) cataract – nature’s agents have halted the growth and finally removed it entirely.

Many programmes for counteracting the growth of cataracts have been tried and tested by drugless physicians. That which we found most successful involved syringing the eye itself and affusions of the forehead immediately above the affected eye. A small syringe containing warm (82°) water was used to treat the eye itself, while a strong jet of cold (6o°) water trained upon the forehead for a period of three to five minutes, was repeated every three hours throughout the day. Cool (68°) foot baths were prescribed and the exclusion of all stimulants, particularly tobacco, liquor and coffee, plus a generally non-stimulating diet was enforced. The results of such treatment proved satisfactory beyond all treatments heretofore employed.

[Read: Keeping The Eyes Fit] Continue reading »

Jun 30, 2017

Boils – Powerful Natural Remedies Revealed!

The most effective treatment for boils is the clay pack. I have seen these swellings, often the size of a walnut, reduced with amazing speed through the natural therapy of rich earth. The procedure used was a simple one. A mass of clay about three times the size of the boil was wrapped in white linen or cotton cloth and applied to the swelling. In one instance, no more than forty-eight hours passed before the boil began to exude a mixture of blood and pus. At this point the cloth was removed and the clay applied directly to the open wound. As the affected area became reduced and cleared of infectious matter, the clay was alternated with cold compresses. Where the boil was not particularly large or painful, cold compresses alone were sufficient to ripen the swelling and clear the toxins.

It is common practice to apply hot compresses to boils. I have known of several such cases and judge, from their outcome, that this is an unwise procedure. The use of heat tends to ripen the swelling unnaturally and, while it quickly opens the infected area, it is not possible to cleanse the area of all the accumulated pus. As a result, in three such cases, boils reappeared shortly either in another area of the body or immediately adjoining the first infection. The eliminatory diet and mild enemas were prescribed for all infections, towards the end of eliminating the store of waste matter that contributes to infection. When this is combined with the gentle action of earth compresses, the boil is stimulated but not forced into unnatural maturity that leaves virulent matter behind to reform in another area of the body.

In all cases of infection, the standard treatment involved cleansing internally through the use of the enema, externally with natural, air- and sun-bathing and a completely non-stimulating diet. Fasting accompanied by the Fountain of Youth Cocktail proved effective in severe infection. Continue reading »

Jun 29, 2017

Bladder Infection – Powerful Natural Remedies Revealed!

L. R. was complaining of the following symptoms: decreased urination, both in the number of urinations each day and the quantity of urine; extreme pain during urination; leg swellings, enlarged pores, particularly of the facial tissue, and a pallid complexion. The condition was diagnosed as an infection of the bladder and a resultant presence of liquid waste matter throughout the system. An eliminatory diet was provided, along with daily full packs to increase elimination through the pores. Clay packs were applied to the lower abdomen for a period of two hours each day, one half hour of which was spent in sun-bathing and the remainder in outdoor (shaded) air-baths.

Leg packs, to increase elimination, were applied at night and barefoot walks were prescribed daily. All means of increasing elimination, including the use of small enemas, were introduced. The first signs of recovery came three days after the course had begun. L. R. noticed, on removing the leg packs upon the third morning, a marked decrease in the swellings. By the fifth day, the swellings were no longer noticeable, though the leg packs were continued until the tenth day. The return to normal urinary elimination was a day-to-day process which became noticeable in the second week with increased elimination and lessening of pain during urination. At the end of two weeks, the patient was discharged. Nature had claimed another victory. Continue reading »

Jun 28, 2017

Arthritis – Powerful Natural Remedies Revealed!

This condition rarely exists where infection has been prevented from entering the body. Those who suffer from arthritis invariably carry a point of infection within their bodies other than, the joint area affected. By combating infection wherever it may arise, in teeth (gums), tonsils, bladder, kidneys, sinuses, appendix or others, you are protecting yourself against a future attack of arthritis.

Vitamin C is an important anti-infection substance. Make certain that your diet contains citrus fruits, green or red pepper, berries and other foods high in the Vitamin C. A diet fortified with the Fountain of Youth Cocktail will never be short of Vitamin C. Mild infections can be overcome with nothing more than an increase in Vitamin C consumption where the diet has undersupplied this important substance. By fortifying your diet with substantial amounts of the C Vitamin and maintaining a natural existence (sun, air, earth and water) you can prevent infection rather than have the more difficult task of curing it once the infection has begun.

T. H. suffered from acute arthritis that brought him to a semi-crippled state. His left hand was completely immobile and a similar condition had begun at the hips, causing him to bend at the waist when walking, which could only be accomplished with the use of a cane. The pain made sleep almost impossible and for a year he had been using barbiturate to induce rest at night. Continue reading »

Jun 27, 2017

Anaemia – Powerful Natural Remedies Revealed!

Anaemia, a condition which has sometimes been described as “blood poverty”, is more common, in its various forms, than most would suspect. During an anaemic period, the red corpuscles within the system are not being produced quickly enough to replace the normal loss. Since the blood stream is an oxygen-conveyor-belt, carrying the life-giving gas to every part of the body, an insufficient supply of haemoglobin (also symptomatic of anaemia) makes it impossible for the body to receive sufficient oxygen. It is for this reason that anaemia has often been referred to as slow suffocation.

The absence of sufficient oxygen within the system produces definite outward signs. The anaemic patient generally suffers from frequent and severe spells of dizziness, fatigue, listlessness and an inability to concentrate. The anaemic patient is frequently forgetful, pale complexioned and easily winded by even moderate physical activity. A combination of these symptoms would more accurately indicate anaemia: than the famed eye-tissue test (in which the skin immediately beneath the eye is lowered and an examination of the inner tissue, that which lines the eye socket, is performed. In this test, colour is used as a determining factor, a red tone supposedly indicating health and a pale tone indicating anaemia).

In addition to the natural regimen (air, sun, water and earth contact) my course for anaemia specified a diet rich in iron. Particularly vital to this diet and consumed at least once each day were soya beans, liver and unsulphured molasses. Raisins, dried beans, oysters and fresh heart (beef) were included in the daily menu as frequently as possible. These, of course, were consumed in addition to a rational diet of fresh fruits and vegetables and whole-grain cereal products. Proper diet and natural living have been sufficient treatment to overcome every case of anaemia. Proof again that it is not nature that makes healing complex, but man himself.

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Jun 26, 2017

Allergies – Powerful Natural Remedies Revealed!

There is a common practice today, among many physicians, to stamp anything which they cannot successfully diagnose, “allergy”. The reason for this is that so little is known about allergies that the diagnosis leaves plenty of room for discussion and explanation. The “indefinite” diagnoses have always been favoured by the less responsible physicians. Two hundred years ago, a condition that could not be diagnosed was called “bad humours” and anyone who suffered anything from stomach-ache to cancer or gall-stones was told his humours were acting up. This was followed by the “acids” theory, where strange and mysterious acids were accountable for all undiagnosed conditions.

This is not to say that allergies do not exist. There certainly is a strange group of body reactions to which has been given the title, allergy. To be exact, there are two such groups: those which are localized on the surface of the body, from face to feet, or skin allergies; and those which inhabit the chest, throat and nasal areas, or respiratory allergies. These two groups include the majority of allergic reactions.

In the respiratory group would be such common conditions as hay fever, asthma, sinusitis, etc. These conditions are centred in the respiratory system, but some (particularly hay fever and sinus conditions) tend to spill over into other areas, as for instance the eyes, which may water, redden and puff under severe attack. There is good reason to believe that these particular allergies are related to Vitamin C deficiency. Low potency (natural) Vitamin C pills have proved useful in the treatment of such allergies, as has the B complex. Continue reading »


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