Feb 6, 2017

7 Guidelines for Creative Fitness – in Search of the Door to a New Way of Living!

Our prescription for fitness replaces torture with fun. It takes out all the negative elements of life – the competition, the comparison, the focus on fighting – while supporting all the positive ones such as releasing tension and providing a sense of freshness, awareness and well-being. It’s that same approach – of eliminating the negative elements while accentuating the positive ones – that is the foundation of our idea of Creative Fitness.

It’s an approach to an active lifestyle very similar to that of a child. A child doesn’t need a fitness studio. He is simply fit through his ongoing discovery of his body, its strengths and its limitation; through his being alive and spontaneous; through his attitude of wonder and curiosity; through his innocent mind and natural breathing.

“What I began asking myself was, ‘Is it possible for us to stay fit by learning from children, by reclaiming a state we once knew rather than inventing all kinds of artificial devices which often feel, look and smell like an S & M club? And which can often cost an arm and a leg to join.’

With that question in mind we developed some ideas to make fitness a natural and simple process that allows us to maintain our independence of any rules, regulations or schedules, that is cost effective and, above all, fun! Continue reading »

Jan 27, 2017

Can Yoga Make You Taller? – A Misconception or Truth! – Best Answered.

The straightway answer is Yoga Cannot Increase the Bone Length. But still the answer is YES. Yoga can add notable inches to your height. Confused?

Let us walk through this article to go beyond all the illusions.

Can yoga helps us in gaining inches, if yes, How?

It is not a mystery to be solved rather it is something to be understood. Don’t run to find the truth; just try to understand the concept and let the truth finds you.

In order to understand the way yoga helps in attaining good height, we should know what the link is there between height and accurate posture. The link between height and the appropriate posture can be best understood by going through our detailed article “Correct Postures – A Sure and Easiest way to Grow Taller Even after Puberty”. This article shows how the right posture promotes 2 to 3 inches height in a very short time. Now, this is the time to be informed that yoga works through postures. In reality yoga is not only the natural but also a fastest and powerful method for increasing our height. Continue reading »

Dec 16, 2016

A Comprehensive Guide to Grow Taller Naturally

A seed is nothing but a potential tree. The seed of mango becomes a mango tree. The egg of bird is a potential bird. The egg of an eagle becomes a majestic eagle. Whether it is a seed of a plant or an egg of an animal or a new born babe of human-being, the potential for development and growth is always there. Each child is special, unique and individual and its potential is hidden in its genes. A seed needs proper nourishment and environment for becoming a full grown tree. And an egg needs the proper nourishment and environment to become a full grown animal. In the same fashion, a child also needs proper nourishment and environment to become a fully developed human-being. We need to educate ourselves regarding the lifestyle and diet that we should adopt, so that, our full potential is manifest.

Besides, the genetic potential that is latent in the child, there are other important factors too that plays a vital role in the growth and development process. If a person is encouraged and is informed the right and healthy lifestyle, and be given proper environment for development, and be educated to know the nutritious diet, that person can gain even more height than the genes allow.

A deep understanding about the growth process is required to unfold all the potential. A mango seed can become a mango tree, a palm seed can be turned to a palm; in the same fashion, growth of our body is predetermined by our genes. The colour of eyes, colour of hair, overall body complexion (dark or light), size of the body (short or tall), shape of the body (thin or fat)… everything is predetermined. But remember… there is always space at the roof. Think once, if all the growth and development is genetically predetermined how the evolution would be possible? The truth is we can cultivate ourselves beyond our genes and only then we can say we are born free. The unrevealed truth is, all the physical growth is predetermined by our genes but only 60 to 80% and still we can culture the other 20-40% of our potential. This is the point around which all my research goes. This article will surely help to unfold the full growth potential. Continue reading »

Nov 24, 2016

How does Binaural Beats help you grow taller? – The Science behind Binaural Beats!

Before diving into this article answer yourself these questions:

  • Does your height affect your social life?

  • Have you been rejected by her/him because of your short stature?

  • Have you been excluded from the promotion list for not being tall enough?

  • Are you missing the things because of a little stretch?

  • And finally, would you like to end all this up and wish to grow taller?

If you have faced any of the above questions then this article is your cup of tea.

Believe me – below is the answer-cum-remedy for all your questions.

Dive-in to understand the different brainwaves and the science behind Binaural Beats.

You may feel surprised if I say that listen some sound frequencies and you can grow taller. Looks like a joke, but it is true. Just as music does and alters our mood, in similar fashion Binaural beats are frequencies that stimulate the brain to get certain state-of-mind that it improves and alters its functions.

If you are still reading… you are on the way to change your life forever!!! Continue reading »

Sep 5, 2016

Massage – Complete Guide to Natural Height Increase After Puberty!

The Idea is not to Complaint Fate or Illness…
The Idea is to improve Immune System and Boost Wellness!

Understand The Bridge Between NUTRITION — EXERCISE — DEEP SLEEP!!!

The body is the greatest mystery in the whole of existence. This mystery can be best understood only by the marriage of Science and Spirituality. Science will teach us the importance of Nutrition and Exercise and in the same breath Spirituality will enlighten us about the Relaxation, Stress-free Lifestyle, and Sound Sleep. This is the time to learn how things like sound sleep and massage helps in the better absorption of nutrients, improving circulation of blood and finally leading the body to achieve its maximum potential growth.

As far as height is concerned, we have heard people talking that it is inherited. We have also studied the importance of Nutrition and Exercise. Recently we have also come to know about the impact of Sound Sleep and Correct Posture. Adding to all the above important facts, today in this post I am going to discuss how Massage can help us effectively in achieving a good Height by improving circulation of blood and nutrients and at the same time removing toxins of the body’s internal tissues. Continue reading »

Aug 23, 2016

Correct Postures – A Sure and Easiest way to Grow Taller Even after Puberty!


Correct posture has been terribly misconstrued, misinterpreted. Today in this article we will learn the correct postures of the body because an intensively active cum peaceful mind can exists only in graceful body. Let us imagine our body as a musical instrument. A musical instrument has to be rightly tuned to get the higher music out of it. In case the instrument is not in correct shape and order, there is no hope for any great harmony to arise out of it. Instead of accordance, discordance will arise from such an instrument.


A posture should be like that you feel so much comfort that you can forget your body. If the body is not comfortable you can’t extend for the blessing that belong to deeper layers: You missed the first layer and all other layers get closed. To be happy, blissful and to reach inner ecstasies, comfort that is correct posture of the body is a door key.

If anyone is serious about his/her growth or getting taller, he/she must be thinking of certain nutrition and exercises to achieve the desired result. That is great and surely all that will help you to get taller, but at the same time we need to understand that correcting your posture is the basic and first to do task to get those inches.

Perhaps you may not be aware of the fact that our spine is accountable for about 80% of our overall height, clearly indicating that if our posture is incorrect and ‘slouch’, we are actually destroying our potential for the appropriate growth. Now, the good news is we can easily correct our posture and when we do it; we will straighten out our spine and can add a few more inches to our appearance. Continue reading »

Aug 21, 2016

The Science of Sleeping – Secrets Revealed!


In the evolution of human civilization the thing that has been ruined the most is… SLEEP. Despite the facts that sleep is no less significant than air and water in our lives, it has been disturbed from the day artificial light has been discovered by man. With the passage of time as more and more discoveries have been made by science and technology in the outer world, human denied that sleep has contribution and relation to the deeper processes of life. They think the time they asleep is a total waste, so, they quickly hammer the amount of sleep. They changed the Lifestyle and discovered a new thing, called STRESS. Today almost all the Health and Fitness Researchers are claiming ‘Stress’ as the main cause behind the most of the Chronic Diseases.


Let Her Sleep For When She Wakes She Will Move Mountains!!!

None has noticed from where all the illness and disorders have appeared in man’s life. Truth that can’t be denied is anyone not sleeping rightly cannot live rightly. Instead of terming sleep as a waste of time, it should be considered as one of the basic and significant elements for the maximum growth and development of human life. Basically the time we sleep actually enables us to stay awake efficiently; apparently sleep is not a waste of time. Otherwise you would remain lousy and prone to sickness and chronic diseases. Continue reading »

Aug 18, 2016

Facts That Everyone Needs to Know About Nutrition!



[Read: Natural Height Increasing MethodsGrow Taller 4 Idiots]

In the past, food never made news the way it does now. A young middle-class adult ate what his mother prepared for him. Food choices were made on intuitions, traditions or availability.

In the present day, things are different. On one hand there are umpteen food choices, while on the other hand there is information explosion about right diets and health scares! The media is full of so-called healthy diets, low carb diets, high protein diets, only vegetable diets, only fruit diets – an endless list of magic diets.

In a world that is raining food, choices about what to eat and how to eat is not easy. It is important to make healthy food choices, so that you end up eating a balanced diet, which results in good nutrition. Continue reading »

Aug 17, 2016

What’s so great about Water! 7 Important Questions you might want to ask.

It’s the ONE Element that doesn’t get the credit it deserves!
Dive in for some amazing facts about this low-calorie libation…

If you count yourself among the health-conscious, you probably put in some exercise every day. Perhaps you also live on ‘health foods’, avoid smoking and never forget to brush your teeth. Top marks to you. But wait! Is there something that may be missing from your healthy routine? Do you remember to drink enough water?

Far too many of us don’t. In doing so, we unwittingly forego the wide-ranging benefits of one of the cheapest and most accessible aids to good health. Because water – just plain water – is what helps our bodies tick along smoothly, keeps our systems going and even relieves minor ailments.

Everybody knows that, without water, we’d die of thirst. But not many realize that water does much more than wet a dry mouth! That’s why we need around two to three liters (8-10 glasses) of fluid everyday. If you are currently getting by on a few sips here and there, you might wonder why such hefty amounts are needed. Here are some answers to some questions you might want to ask. Continue reading »

Aug 16, 2016

7 Popular Myths About Exercise That Must Be Known


We all need a fitness regimen, it’s the modern equivalent of ‘an apple a day…’. What happens in reality, however, is that a lot of us are bound by mistaken theories and notions of exercise and consequently our fitness programs are built around a lot of unscientific information. But fitness today is a science. The Americans alone spend in excess of billions every year in search of the perfect shape. And a good chunk of that budget is channeled into research into the most efficient modes of exercise. New discoveries and advancements are being made every day. In the process, a lot of the steadfastly held beliefs of yesteryear have been proven wrong or just plain obsolete.

By acquainting yourself with what’s right and what’s wrong about long-held notions of exercise, you’ll be able to iron out the glitches in your own fitness regimen and get the most out of your workout. So, here they are: the 7 most common myths about exercise. Continue reading »


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