Jul 10, 2017

Prostate Infection – Powerful Natural Remedies Revealed!

A painful and somewhat common condition among older men, prostate infection can generally be traced to diet deficiency and infection from waste matter retained too long within the system. When a rational diet is observed, few cases of prostate infection will be noted. In particular, Vitamins A and C must be consumed in maximum digestible quantities. The Fountain of Youth Cocktail provides large amounts of both of these and, when used to fortify a rational diet, will help to overcome both such deficiencies.

The natural programme for treating prostate infection involved the non-stimulating diet, reinforced with the Fountain of Youth Cocktail and additional amounts of citrus and carrot juice. Full enemas were provided for a period of three days followed by a small rectal douche daily until the condition subsided. Steam compresses (a heating pad may be used) were prescribed each evening and warm compresses during the night. Regular use of the Fountain of Youth Cocktail helped to stimulate the eliminatory system sufficiently after the first ten days and the small enemas were therefore discontinued. Air- and sun-bathing were considered essential in nature’s programme for treatment of the prostate.

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